thought bubble day one

a year ago today, i came back as a punter from my first ever "thought bubble" and remember thinking how lovely it was... so friendly and accessible to every level of comic fandom. and i decided "i need to try that"... so i did!

it's been a crazy few weeks for me in common swings' world - waiting for news on a job, having an important medical appointment cancelled at short notice and most importantly trying to get the fourth issue of "the common swings" ready in time for this weekend. and i managed it! and even though i didn't sell a huge amount of anything today, i think what i got instead was even better - encouragement, advice, ideas, friendliness and the slowly dawning realisation that the first time i ever do anything like this (so, today in essence) is in every way going to be the toughest. thank you everyone who came by today and made it so much fun - please come back tomorrow and BUY MORE STUFF!

if not, the etsy shop should be tidied up and put online next week... so keep your eyes out for that soon!

also: there is movement towards the creation of some kind of comic's group in calderdale after the enthusiasm of people today. at the minute there is a very small facebook community called "calder valley scribblers" so if anyone i saw today wants to join please feel free to do so!

now for "the killing" and SLEEP! see people tomorrow hopefully! have my wife and a hadron until then...


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