Cosmo Past, Present and Future

So that's the end of part one then! I'm absolutely amazed that what I initially thought of as a story idea about five years ago and then regretted putting on the back of issue one as a "Coming Soon" thing for issue two has actually got this far. We're a third of the way through the story and, thanks to Rebecca's amazing work with colouring, it looks gorgeous even when my drawings are a bit off.

The plan now is to do a redo of the early bits which currently are slightly off and haven't got the right rhythm yet. Quinn particularly doesn't really work as a character until midway through the story... so I need to punch up the first parts, perfect some of the early drawings (Quinn has about three different faces for some reason) and possibly turn the book shelf diversion into a separate thing in the way that "Hadrons of History" came as a separate, companion issue to the Hadron issue. Nothing too major, but it'll take a month or two to tweak.

And then on to parts two and three. Part of the reason for the break is that I want to change the tone of the story for both the second and third books. The first phase is pretty much Quinn grandstanding and showing off. The second one is going to be more introverted and a little bit more of Quinn's history with Felix. And the third... well the third is very different indeed. I have an idea of what that will look like in my head and I want it to match up to that expectation. Very much so. And it'll take time. But be worth it, I hope.

In the mean time I'm focussing on getting things ready for "Thought Bubble" in Leeds in under two weeks. It's going to be a skin of the teeth job, but the next issue of the Common Swings - the Lower Piphill project - may just be ready in time. I'll be posting bits of it over here during the next few days.

In the meantime - thoughts about Cosmo? Advice? Recommendations?


  1. Will there be a print version when you've redone bits? I've been holding off from reading it all online because I think it would be more satisfying as a book. Anyway, well done for getting this far.

    1. oh yeah definitely that's the aim. i think what i want to do is do three edits of each "book" as separate print versions (with extra bits) and then one final edit of them all together (without the extra bits - that way, the people who bought the individual issues will get good stuff without losing out. that's the general idea at the moment anyway)

      and thank you! i need to get working on ideas for it as soon as "thought bubble" is over...


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