Post Cosmo #1: Lower Piphill

One of the biggest of the projects I want to have finished by Thought Bubble is the Lower Piphill box. The idea - one suggested by the most excellent Nick Campbell of A Pile of Leaves - is that you are the recipient of a box filled by the left over contents of a hotel room based in the small, New Forest village of Lower Piphill. The occupier of Room 14, The Solipsist's Arms, has departed in something of a hurry and the diverse  range of objects concern the hotel manager enough to send them on... with a letter asking after the whereabouts and mental health of the mysterious occupier. The idea is that the issue will be in some way interactive and you, as recipient of the box, will be invited to respond to the numerous objects found in the box. These are a combination of newly written and drawn things by me, found objects and doctored found objects and the intention is that you will write back to me about what you think may have occurred to the person in Room 14. There is, obviously, no right or wrong answer but hopefully a surfeit of interesting interpretations. It may work, it may not. We shall see.

At the moment it's in a very-much-nearly-finished-but-not-quite-nearly-finished-enough state. Some of it is done, some of it is almost done, some of it is done in note form but needs writing up (readers of this blog from a while back may remember Mr Pepper... well that's to be included in this hopefully) and some needs a bit more work than others because my idea may be a little bit on the silly side (suffice to say, I need to dub over forty "found" cassettes with some ghoulish goings on in the next week and a bit). I think I can get it done, but it's going to be very, very close.

I got the idea from the McSweeney's issue which comes as junk mail which I've always wanted to buy but never have been quite able to afford. It kind of chimes in with the overly elaborate and frankly silly letters I used to send to girls in my late teens. I went to an all boys' school so once I'd met girls for the first time and discovered that I got on with them so well and they liked me a lot more than my peers, I kind of went all out with letters on tapes, letters as jigsaws, letter which were one really, really long line long (rolled up in a reel) and even letters disguised as junk mail. Some of it was my inarticulate attempt at semi-flirting but mostly it was just trying to surprise people who had made my life so much nicer by not being the bunch of arrogant posh kids I went to school with every day. It's a part of my brain I'm trying to channel into this issue and I want it to be wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string and come across like the best, most exciting, most confusing and oddly worrying parcel you'll ever receive.

It's also got a lot of fannying about with someone called Johnny Sunshine but that's another matter for another day. Unless you've heard of him of course and if so... what is he to you?


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