Monday, 21 June 2010

influences and inspiration

it's always nice when you stumble across a cartoonist whose existence has slightly faded - british comics and cartoons are full of people who deserve full on rehabilitation and fantagraphics/ drawn and quarterly styled reprints. in every way the "world wide weirdies" of ken reid are the equal of the much more famous work of basil wolverton, for example

anyway - the most recent example of this had been something called "phoebe and the pigeon people" which was a rather sweet and lovely bit of alternative/ underground comix business from the seventies. it had a nice gentleness to the hipster humour which you usually find missing from the underground of that period. the latest find, though, is nothing short of miraculous. i bring you "reid fleming, world's toughest milkman" by one david boswell. not only does boswell's cartooning definitely appeal to me, the humour from this stubbornly pig headed anti-hero (catchphrase? "78 cents or i piss on your flowers!") is sort of the apex of the "let's repeat the same formula and see what happens" school of writing. and it does it WONDERFULLY. consider me a fan already!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

a preview of a work in progress:

by the way, i simply have NO idea where chess grandmaster flash came from. sorry

First Show in Two Years!!!

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