Friday, 29 October 2010

hadrons VERY SOON!


1. delayed slightly because i've been sick, got better, spent that time finishing off the hadrons... and then got sick again (thanks sinusitis) HOWEVER...

2. i am now 98% finished with the hadron issues. i say 98% advisedly because i have noticed that the final draft is missing one sentence and has a few tiny formatting problems to correct. ONCE DONE then "on the hadron" is finally complete. it'll come in three editions - the simple black and white issue with colour covers (about £2), the deluxe edition in full colour with FREE second issue, "hadrons of history", a cut out cardboard toy hadron, a certificate of hadron ownership AND a bookplate. this will go for about a fiver. then there'll be the spangly lulu edition which will need a new cover doing and a certain bit of creative thought concerning how to get the "hadrons of history" issue incorporated into it. i'll let you all know as and when

whatever happens they should be ready to go by the middle of next week and the lulu edition somewhat later than that

3. this will then free me up for the NEXT couple of projects. the next issue proper is going to be "the sad story of bunny mcsniff and the terrible tale of bruiser mcgann" which will be a sort of - kind of - mentalist version of a kid's book. sort of a bit on the black side until the sudden, euphoric denouement. or that's the plan. but that will be december... probably

4. because november is nanowrimo time. and this year i'm trying to one up "boodle up" from 2005 and actually FINISH the thing. it will be called "the thursday night league volume one: the bombardier's eyes" and is a sort of tribute/ pastiche of pulp british sci fi and crime writers from the first half of the 20th century. as such the plan is that once i finish the nanowrimo - and take a month off for "bunny mcsniff" - i will start to edit and release "the bombardier's eyes" in twelve, monthly supplements "as they did in the old days". i'll illustrate it copiously AND put in odd supplemental details like essays from issues of magazines like "book and magazine collector" and "the fortean times" about characters from the story. ie make it worth your while to buy it on a monthly basis

but 5. this means - do people want to read the nanowrimo as i go along with it? do you want a blog just for it so you can read and comment as i go along? or it's own livejournal like i did with "boodle up"? any thoughts? if you just want me to forward bits as and when i go along then i'm happy to do that too

finally 6. this all keeps me nicely distracted from possibly the worst dip yet in my father's health. seriously. the conversation i had with him today was... utterly the most heart wrenching conversation i've ever had. really not very nice at all

ah well. hopefully better times next update. hope all are well

Thursday, 21 October 2010

VERY imminent hadrons

hadrons will be ready *next* week. the extra supplement for the purchasers of the "deluxe edition" - "hadrons of history" - is finished, and now i need to go back and tweak the main book itself and... think of an ending. i may actually now have an ending now, but it's a bit silly and odd and tricky to pull off. i also need to work on the cut out and make hadron as well for the deluxe edition. and then - i'm done! i can get ready for nanowrimo AND "bunny mcsniff"

in the meantime, here are some of the book covers - in the manner of "i evader fish" - that i've papered the endspapers of "hadrons of history" with. they've come out a little small in that volume, so this is an advance showing and an attempt to rectify tininess in the finished article


Monday, 18 October 2010

the city of beautiful nonsense - part one

well gosh, this is one of those proper blog entries that people do with archival images and EVERYTHING

on my way to tarting up the supplement to issue three of "the common swings" (ready in the next week or so! keep your eyes peeled), i've been doing some research for victorian/ edwardian book illustration and - miracle of miracles! - i stumbled across a great favourite of mine... "the city of beautiful nonsense" by e temple thurston. it's not a great book if i'm fair. the first part of the book has some lovely moments, but it soon sort of fritters away into sentimentality and whimsy. but it's still a gorgeous book, mainly for the illustrations. i picked the book up for the title but the images - oh my! i ended up buying huge stacks of thurston books after this hoping to find equally lovely illustrations (by emile verpilleux it appears) but sadly not! ah well...

anyway rambling aside - here's the first batch of images...

Friday, 1 October 2010

hadron update!

hadrons are coming on nicely - probably by the middle or end of october it'll be ready. it's coming in three different issues:

1. budget black and white bogstandard version

2. deluxe colour version, which will come with free stuff like cut out hadrons, a certificate of ownership and recently discovered historical hadron gubbins

3. the usual lulu version for the fops among you all

in the meantime, here's what will become - hopefully - the bookplate for the deluxe edition, a weirdy montage and collage of doodles from my sketchbooks i've thrown together as an experiment. i'm quietly chuffed with it, even if the blu-tac was coming off during the photocopying process:

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