VERY imminent hadrons

hadrons will be ready *next* week. the extra supplement for the purchasers of the "deluxe edition" - "hadrons of history" - is finished, and now i need to go back and tweak the main book itself and... think of an ending. i may actually now have an ending now, but it's a bit silly and odd and tricky to pull off. i also need to work on the cut out and make hadron as well for the deluxe edition. and then - i'm done! i can get ready for nanowrimo AND "bunny mcsniff"

in the meantime, here are some of the book covers - in the manner of "i evader fish" - that i've papered the endspapers of "hadrons of history" with. they've come out a little small in that volume, so this is an advance showing and an attempt to rectify tininess in the finished article



  1. I recognize the "Judgmental Dogs" illustration as something published by Volland. Am I correct?

  2. it's something from - i forget which. i ALWAYS use for my book cover images...


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