mr teedles: the gland old man

i'm a sucker for crap. if it has a stupid name and looks ridiculous, then much to my wife's horror and disgust i can find a home for it. it's the only reason to own something as terrible as "mr. teedles: the gland old man", a novel so bad the cover and spine don't even name the author (thomas le breton) but instead state "by the author of 'a sister to assist'er'" which is about the only pun worse than the title itself. the plot? see if you can guess from the pictures and the title. suffice to say, there's something intangibly... off about this book. something disturbing i can't quite express... it's just a bit creepy. you'll see what i mean. anyway. to keep the wife happy, i'll be occasionally dusting down works of madness from the collection to jolly you all. enjoy!


  1. SO, I'm finding this a bit late, but Mr. Teedles is everything you promised--and more! Inexpressively off, more than a bit disturbing, just what I needed today! :D

    1. It's a bonkers book - a bit of a mess to read, but kind of charming for all that!


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