The Afterlife

hello all! the brief silence has been due to medication changes and a sickly cat, but i'm back now with a couple of items from a ludicrous book called "the afterlife", cowritten by jenny randle of "the fortean times".i picked this up at todmorden station's book share shelf and it was too damaged to do anything with other than rescue bits of for collage work. but before i did that, i found the best two moments in the whole book - enjoy!

firstly the dullest of strange entities you could ever imagine...

and secondly, the closest thing i have seen to "look around you" in print. oh those polo poltergeists... or in fact those polotergeists...

next up: improving victorian whimsy in the form of "discontented peggy, and how she was cured"... bet you all can't wait!


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