amazing heroes preview special 1985: part one

hey everyone, look at me! i'm uploading bits of comics now, you know, like all those comics' blogs do... woo hoo!

one of my odd pleasures in comic buying is old interview/ promotional comics. this stems from buying various old issues of things like "the comics journal" and finding the adverts and promotional stuff as fascinating - or in some case more fascinating - as the actual articles and interviews. and this issue is one of the most enjoyable of all such things i've found in comic shops or fairs... the "amazing heroes preview special" of 1985. i shall continue to post bits of this over the next few days and weeks...

first up of interest is a listing for something called "alan moore's comic". you don't need me to say much more about this other than the possible provisional title. honestly, do we really think something by mr moore called "dodgem logic" will catch on in any way at all?

and then here's one for something odd callled "mike spammer". i think it speaks for itself really... i've looked this thing up repeatedly online and there's nothing about anything called this by someone called joe murp... in fact there's very little at all about anyone called joe murp. is this some kind of elaborate practical joke then? or is just a rubbish attempt to jump on the probably rather small "flaming carrot" band wagon?

if anyone knows, please write to the usual place.... more from this issue next week. enjoy!


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