bulldog jack

coming at some point next year, "the bombardier's eyes" will start being serialised in monthly (or so) installments. and to get people in the mood for it, here's possibly one of the finest bits of 1930s british b-movie nonsense ever made. jack and claude hulbert take over from an indisposed bulldog drummond to fight the nefarious villain played by ralph richardson, and defend the girl played by fay wray. it has two spectacularly good set pieces which are entirely the sort of thing which i try to permeate throughout my writing and drawing: a skirmish in the british museum and the ending sequence which, if cinema history was in any way fair, would be considered as highly as the best of hitchcock. it's a london underground chase scene which entirely captured my imagination as a child and is still every bit as good today. pacey, pithy, witty, silly and thrilling: entirely what i want to capture in what i do. a classic. please do watch it


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