teaser 2

another teaser to encourage you to buy a copy of "i evade fish". this is my mock up of a cover of william cobbett's political register. cobbett is a fascinating, maddening figure - a contradicting polemicist, whose opinions and deeds seemingly change like the weather. no wonder the similarly mercurial and maddening richard ingrams wrote a recent biography on him

anyway. as part of "i evade fish", i fancied making at least one cobbett joke but wasn't sure what to do with it. the gift was that once i found a copy of "the political register" online, i noticed that this particular edition was printed by one thomas dolby. the rather one note joke then sort of wrote itself

as it happens, the image resolution on this isn't that much better than the version in the issue itself - but you can just about make out most of the text this time. plus it makes it look more beat up like an old edition of the paper. or at least that's what i tell myself

(annoyingly, as a postscript, i simply CANNOT find the copy of the register printed by dolby so am now wondering whether i simply imagined it...)


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