Tuesday, 1 May 2012

so, yeah! there's been a bit of radio silence from here hasn't there? there are reasons - 1. job hunting 2. family obligations 3. wifely obligations 4. other nonsense... primarily it's because the serialised work - "cosmo" - is being sprinkled with considerable fairy dust by my new colllaborator, rebecca. it'll do wonders for it i think and is well worth waiting for. in the mean time i'm slowly gathering ideas as to what i'm going to do for my thought bubble table this year... a scary prospect but a real one now. i've paid my bloody money now - too late to back off!

and finally, it's unlikely anyone here is based in the todmorden area, but starting this friday myself and some friends are going to launch a comic/ writing group in local sewing cafe "cheeky sew and sew" called "calder valley scribblers". if you're in the area, get in touch and pop by. we'll be lonely without you...

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