Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Common Swings Juvenilia 3

More from the house of Half Arsed Ideas

These are some later strips done for the second version of The Common Swings, Records and Tea (so named because of the song by the Chefs). Some not very focused ideas about how Coldplay are pleasantly dull. Surprisingly generous actually!

A smattering of Elvises (Elvii?) including the latter picture which may have been an idea for a cover at some point...

A different Elvis. Still terrible jokes.

Fatboy Slim as the Tango Orange man. Note how Stephen Wells seemed to be my go to man for bad musical villainy at this time... and his beloved Groop Dogdrill....

This is obviously what I, as a young Twenty-something, thought rap was all about. Not good - or funny

Oh and this. Dear god. This is sort of on the level of  "Little and Large" doing a rap skit in the late eighties isn't it? I'm not proud...

I'm also not proud of this one, but as jokes go it's a lot better (but still tortuous as hell)...

Finally a smattering of random gags, including my determination to find comedy mileage in the Gallagher brothers. Also, good friend Mr Burnage's suggestion for the title - "Licking Sellotape" - gets an airing here.

More tomorrow!

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