Sunday, 27 May 2012

Cosmo-less Sunday

No Cosmo update today - I have had a bit of a back log of stuff I need to draw and get coloured in by Rebecca as I've been struggling a bit in the heat to draw as well as I usually can (and the laptop has been struggling even more!). Rebecca now has said pages and will be able to weave her magic on them accordingly. Hope everyone is still enjoying it...

I will take this break to plug the fact that I'll be appearing at Thought Bubble in Leeds this year. In fact appearing at Thought Bubble is kind of what has spurred "Cosmo" into being because I felt I needed to have not only more stuff for my stall but to make a bit more of a presence online. As far as I'm concerned just going to the festival is enough of an achievement of self belief for me and anything else - like people hearing of me or buying my stuff - is merely a lovely extra. But I have to say, seeing my name on the Royal Armouries Hall exhibitor list is very weird to say the least...

Hopefully more proper Cosmo tomorrow!

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