Monday, 14 May 2012

Cosmo Mandinsky - some preliminary homework...

One of the big aims of what I do is to create a universe... this is very much a tip of the hat to my hero J L Carr, all of whose novels exist within one big world. It doesn't effect how you enjoy individual books in his output, but if you do know the earlier appearances of characters when they suddenly pop in as a cameo in a later novel your enjoyment increases somewhat. Accordingly I've gone to great efforts to drop little bits of hints into the early issues of the Common Swings as to what might come later. Never has this been truer than in the small ads at the back of Issue One (still very much available from me or 2 Tone Comics in Hebden Bridge) which may not have *lots* about Cosmo in it but has *some* (and oodles about my hopefully soon to be serialised novel "The Bombardier's Eyes") that may jolly up your reading of what's coming soon...

More soon!

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