Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Cosmo Experiments

My work/ personal life is beginning to not so much level out as slowly begin to work to something close to a pattern again. An end is in sight to the madness of the last few weeks and months and so I'm beginning to work my way towards doing something properly creative again rather than just dabbling.

I've decided on dusting down "Cosmo Mandinsky" (the promised issue 2 of the Common Swings from way back when) because 1. it's a story I've had for a while and can fiddle with a fair bit 2. it's also a story I can experiment with in terms of how and what I draw. For example I've attached six experiments for a dream sequence within the narrative to show you the sort of thing I'm working on. 3. It's not a story I've a lot invested in so I can run the risk of trying new and odd things with on the way to getting it finished. It's basically a way of keeping this blog regularly updated and getting a bigger audience, whilst also stretching out in terms of what I'm doing and - more importantly - how I do it. Also, I hope, people out there will enjoy it.

Am currently working on the day by day/ week by week plan for it, so keep eyes peeled for when the thing starts. In the mean time, those promised experiments:

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