Monday, 13 January 2014

the man with the red umbrella

i've been a bit neglectful of this blog of late, i do apologise. i am slowly readying myself for a return to action, but in the mean time here's an odd thing i've just read...

some time ago i picked up this thing called "the man with the red umbrella" by r a brandt in the sadly no-more piece hall bookshop in halifax. it was in the humour section but is more of a... fantastic piece of children's fiction. of sorts. having said that, it's more leonora carrington than anything else. it's creepy, hilarious, charming, baffling and beautiful in equal measure. my favourite bit? the squirrel delighted with his cornflakes; "did you know there are over three hundred and sixty-two cornflakes in here!... think of it!" amazing

here are the best bits of brandt's art...

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