Monday, 18 October 2010

the city of beautiful nonsense - part one

well gosh, this is one of those proper blog entries that people do with archival images and EVERYTHING

on my way to tarting up the supplement to issue three of "the common swings" (ready in the next week or so! keep your eyes peeled), i've been doing some research for victorian/ edwardian book illustration and - miracle of miracles! - i stumbled across a great favourite of mine... "the city of beautiful nonsense" by e temple thurston. it's not a great book if i'm fair. the first part of the book has some lovely moments, but it soon sort of fritters away into sentimentality and whimsy. but it's still a gorgeous book, mainly for the illustrations. i picked the book up for the title but the images - oh my! i ended up buying huge stacks of thurston books after this hoping to find equally lovely illustrations (by emile verpilleux it appears) but sadly not! ah well...

anyway rambling aside - here's the first batch of images...

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